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It's been a while since I've updated, so to keep those of you still reading in the loop: Mr Woolsey did not make it back to Earth as scheduled, due to a lockdown at the SGC. We'll have more information available at a later date -- right now, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation with our guest.

keeping up to date.

Mr Woolsey will be, with any luck, returning to Earth within the next week. I'd like to thank everyone for being cooperative during his stay here. Particularly those of you who found it difficult.

Other than our guest, things have been relatively routine here on Atlantis -- although we're making progress in our attempts to find out exactly what has been going on with the Genii. This being neither the time nor place for elaboration on that, I'll leave it at 'we're making progress'.

My husband has secured himself a job with the New Zealand government. I'm pleased he's found something productive to do. Catherine will be with the family in London during his work hours. I've been invited to a small child's birthday party, so we'll have to see if I have a free hour to stop in during it.

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Everyone who needs to know about this does know, but for my own peace of mind, here it is again:

Mr Woolsey has come to Atlantis to perform an IOA evaluation. I would ask that everyone cooperate with him while he is here.

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Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Marshall Sumner
Prompt: Passing
Word Count: 320
Rating: PG
Summary: Elizabeth wonders.
Author's Notes: Regular continuity. >_> For once. Probably heavily influenced by what little Weir/Sumner fanfic there is out there (goddamnit, people, WRITE MORE ;_;).

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Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Jonathan Crane (Batman Begins), the triplets (AU/OCs)
Prompt: Life
Word Count: 724
Rating: PG
Summary: Strange coincidences.
Author's Notes: Alternate universe again! This one requires a little explanation. In regular continuity, there are triplets -- Nami, Pepik and Paul -- who are, in fact, test tube god babies, who have no biological mother but like, three dads. They've also aged quickly (going from babies to sixteen in less than two years). NOW. They are now living in a relatively normal London, and there needs to be some kind of explanation for whose they are, SO, the official party line is that Elizabeth and Jonathan were married when they were quite young, and had the triplets, before divorcing and ending up...together again, married to different people. So they have Mama and Papa and their "step parents" (who are...due to some confusing family tree-ness...actually their grandparents), and...god knows who else. ANYWAY. Karra and I concluded that somewhere out there, there is a universe where the little fib about the triplets is true.

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Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard (AU), Catherine Weir (OC)
Prompt: Outsides
Word Count: 361
Rating: PG
Summary: You couldn't be that man that I adore...I don't know him any more.
Author's Notes: This is ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. P.S character death.

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As of the first of this month, I have been playing Elizabeth Weir for a year. AMAZERING. I play several different versions of Elizabeth, but this one was the first and is still my favourite. Out of ALL my characters.

So, yeah, thanks to everybody who has made it awesome. I know I will forget people if I try and make a list.